Family photo shoot in the field

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This is the second session photography family in Barcelona that performed with this lovely family. In the last three years we have gone watching for perform a by year. The first one was with Teo as absolute protagonist. Some photographs in the beach of S’ Agaró that are between my favourite (some is can see in the section of photography of children). Then came a session pregnant whose consequence was, April. And already with her, we did this new session in a sunny and hot day of September.

I do not know to what extent is going to sound like a topic that I’m going to say, but I don’t want it I keep quiet sounds as it sounds. It is something that gives meaning to what I do to my work with people like them. Always them say it easy that is do these sessions with them, that just have that tighten the button of shoot because practically are they which I give them images without I have that correct nothing. Plus apart from the good vibes that always have and the good feeling that we have developed over these three years.

Think that I would love to make them an every year during many years and can do an album of how have gone growing.

Here a small overview of some of the images. You can click to expand…

To see more images from this session, you can click here.

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