Familiar Shooting. Questions & Answers

The other day a girl who was interested in doing a photo shoot with her children asked me by mail how I work in a photo shoot so she can clear some of her doubts.

I am so used to doing photo shoots that I had not realized that there are many people who have never done any and it is good for them to give them a little more information on how I do it.

So I have decided (with her permission) to copy / paste what you asked me as a small guide for other interested people.

In this case the questions were for a family session, with her children.

Hello Santi:
[…] I would like to do a shooting session with my children. I never did one, so I have some questions or doubts that I make next:

– The purpose of the session, for me would be to capture emotions. Of both as brothers, of the three as family, individual, of them with me individually. In your website I saw few close-ups and I do not know if you work like this …
Yes, of course, I also make close-ups. In fact, for a long time it was one of the things I liked the most, but over time one is diversifying his things. If you want close-ups, we will!

– Of the photos with children, I saw a lot outdoors. Do you think that the emotions (smiles, gestures, tender faces, faces of anger, etc.) could be captured on the beach for example?
90% of these photos are not intended for a specific shot, but are totally spontaneous. I like it to be like this, trying to find the maximum possible naturalness.
Of course, on the beach we can do everything !.

– How do you handle the issue of fluency and naturalness in children in the presence of a stranger (you), taking photos? Do you put yourself at a distance?
Well, naturally. You present them to me as a friend of yours, play with them for a while (I really like children) and at some point I take the camera. I move away, I approach, etc.

– Related to the above, would it be convenient to do something indoors or better outdoors, by the light?
If you have a large space, not too loaded (also does not need to be zen) and where there is a lot of light, the images can be amazing. Of these I have not yet had the possibility of realizing many, but I have seen how they are and are very beautiful. Outdoors are always a safe value.

– How long is the session? I do not need paper copies. I do not need a thousand photos. I guess 5-10 good is cool.
The minimum time is usually between one and two hours. From there it will depend on what we have obtained. Based on the principle of naturalness that I told you at the beginning, if it stretches nothing happens. What’s more, the best photos always come out at the end. For me the time in these sessions is not too important, unless “the client” has more plans.