Wedding invitations

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Pretty and elegant wedding invitations. Custom. That is what they do and with much office the team of Tinta Gris. That’s where last year we ordered our wedding invitations.

Invitaciones de boda

The procedure is very simple.
After a first meeting in their shop in Barcelona to look to advise us on the subject, since we were quite lost, they taught us many invitations that had already been made previously. So we could see the amount of materials we could choose and the type of design that most fit our taste. From there, already advised and advised after asking a myriad of questions (poor!) We were quite clear everything. We just needed to give them the writing we wanted and as we had in mind to add some things of their own design in the invitation, know how to do it and send it by email.

Invitaciones de boda

Similarly, if you do not have a clear idea or even a design of their own, they guide you through the whole process and send you several tests that follow your indications, to facilitate the whole process and you only have to select the one that most you like.

You can also make the invitations without going to the store. Visiting their website, calling or by email, the process will be the same. And the result, an elegant wedding invitation, no doubt.

Invitaciones de boda

A year and a half after our commission, who would have said it, I had the opportunity to work with them as a photographer and discover their workshop, the backstage where they create and inspire anyone.

Invitaciones de boda Invitaciones de boda Invitaciones de boda Invitaciones de boda

Here more pictures I took.