Old, classic, vintage photo albums … those of a lifetime.

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Classic or vintage photo albums of all life, handmade. With an ample sample of colors to choose the cover or cover (made of cloth of linen or other types of fabrics).

They are ideal for lovers of wedding albums as always, but also for those looking for quality albums for their family memories, travel, celebrations, etc.

And is that today, the old albums where the images were hooked are back in fashion because as in so many other things have also been renewed. Very beautiful materials, papers of all kinds and high quality and images printed one by one, all of these make these albums unique and almost irresistible pieces. Because at a time when we produce thousands of photos, how many of them are we able to remember with the love they deserve?

From time to time it is worth making a selection and giving them life printed on paper.

Tinta Gris

tinta gris barcelona

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Tinta Gris is probably the best creative stationery in Barcelona (and probably in Spain) and having had the opportunity to collaborate with them by making some images of the store and some of the products they offer has been an experience that I have enjoyed a lot.

From the first moment the team formed by Ana, Adriana and Magüi trusted me and gave me absolute freedom to do and undo to my taste, which made everything very easy. Especially considering how beautiful everything is there. I do not want to be cheesy, but it is impossible to enter the store and not come out with anything.

I hope you like the pictures and if you like the details of decoration (for Christmas they have a lot), if you are looking for a nice packaging, if you have to give something with grace or if you need invitations for your wedding, stop by the store if you are in Barcelona Or by in their online store if you do not close by. It’s really worth it.

tinta gris barcelona


Madrazo 102
08021 Barcelona
Teléfono: 93 200 71 49

Monday to Friday: from 10:30 to 14:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00
Saturday: from 10:30 to 14:00

Paper Photography

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At full speed. This is how our life works today. All or almost everything is a do it for already or even for yesterday, without forcing us to stop everything and to breathe. And enjoy. And feel, feel, touch, wrap … Rate.

For some time now I have felt the need to stop. Without losing too much, but stopping. In photographic terms this has resulted in a return to analog photography, the printing of photo albums as not so old and the printing of images on paper. All this without neglecting digital photography, digital albums and digital accounts as well could be instagram. Because it’s not about going against, but trying to – again – stop. Put order And again, value. Enjoy. And feel long and slow. That’s what it’s all about. Or that deals with my need, which is not easy to get in these crazy times, but what a great deal it gets when you do it.

Hence, now select and print some images on paper. To frame or put in an album. And when I have it in front of me I always think: “What a difference!”

fotografía para decorar

For this blog entry, I upload this image that I chose from one of the last sessions I’ve done, just as I could have chosen some other ones I had and I loved them too, but paper or digital, there is one thing that does not change And is having to choose.

Packaging pictures of a wedding

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I think an important part of the fact that as a wedding photographer, two people decide to trust you and what you can offer them, are the details. And the small details that are always make a huge difference. I’ve always thought about it. Not only in photography, but also in anything else in life.

But returning to the photographic theme, and more specifically to the wedding, I think that in addition to the good treatment for the couple and the “feeling” that has to be to make a good report (which are basic, not to say mandatory), it is important Think of improving always and offer things that not only make you feel happy or proud to you, but also to whom you are going to give it.

packaging bodas
Printed copies and a custom pendrive.

There is no better reward after a job than a heartfelt thanksgiving from the bride and groom. That makes up for all the effort and gives meaning to this thing in which you put so much affection. To provoke a smile and to provoke it to you. If in the end, there is nothing more important than that.

packaging bodas

packaging bodas
Custom pendrive

fotografo de bodas en barcelona fotografo de bodas en barcelona