Photo shoot of wedding dresses

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The reason for this photo session were the wedding dresses of Carla Cirera Jordana for his final project.
Marta, who was the model, was delighted to pose as she could not make her wedding day. And he made it amazing, considering he is not dedicated to it. The makeup by Noa. The credits at the end of this post.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

More images, here.

Dress: Carla Jordanian Cirera (@jordana.4 on instagram)
Makeup: Noa @noarmakeup

Pre-wedding, Wedding and Post-wedding in Barcelona. Joan and Chus.

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Summary of some of the images of a pre-wedding, a wedding and a post-wedding in Barcelona.

They contacted me through the contact form I have on this web, many people do so. Others write to me or ask from my instagram account. And after a couple of messages back and forth we stayed to meet and talk a bit about the details of what was to be his wedding.

The truth is that I think it’s the right way. It’s great a first approach by mail or any of the online solutions we have today, but doing so in person is still – long-the most productive.

Because you can speak and deepen many more details of what the wedding will be, but above all because it is the best way for the couple to see the harmony that brings the photographer, see the feeling and all those kinds of sensations so important before you decide To hire the person who will be with you on one of the most important days.

And from the first moment I met them and they told me the style they wanted to give to their wedding, I knew that I wanted to be the photographer. I wanted to photograph them, I knew that they would come out some super beautiful pictures … almost that killed for being me !!

… And so it was that days later they chose me! And is that since the first meeting we had such a good feeling that we agreed to make a pre-wedding and a post-wedding as well. And I have to admit that in both sessions there was magic, there was spontaneity, there was an endearing way of knowing and discovering us, there was all that necessary to obtain some lovely images, full of love. I wear something cheesy, just a little. And I get a little sentimental too, I admit it. : Oops: But it is that once again, being a participant in moments like these, meeting such special people, is one of the things that I most appreciate from this work that I do by vocation.

I do not know if I will choose the images that I will leave in this post, because the photographic criterion is often lost confused by the sentimental criterion, but I will try to choose the best I can, although that means leaving aside many images that I like. .. In any case leave at the end of the entrance some links where you can see more images.

bicicleta para prebodas y bodas
Pre-wedding photographer in Barcelona. Contax 645. Kodak Portra 400.
Pre-wedding photographer in Barcelona. Contax 645. Kodak Portra 400.
fotógrafo de postbodas
Pre-wedding photographer in Barcelona. Contax 645. Kodak Portra 400.

As I said in the text above, I leave the links to see more images.

More images from the pre-wedding

More wedding pictures

More images from the post-wedding

Her Dress by Menchen Tomás. Design of flowers Gang and the Wool.

Wedding photographer Barcelona

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I think it is convenient to create this entry and tell something about my work as a wedding photographer in Barcelona.

It is not easy for me to make a visual summary of the weddings I have had the opportunity to perform because choosing means discarding, that is, not teaching many of the images I like because basically uploading many images means that the page loads too slowly .. And why I had to go through the process of finding a photographer for my wedding, I know how tedious it is for images to load and not to see at a glance the style proposed by this or that photographer.

The genre of weddings has evolved a lot of years to this part by various factors that I will not describe now because I do not think it is in the interest of who is looking for a photographer and a certain style of photography for their wedding. But it is true that right now there are many styles to choose from. And it was this premise that led me to select some images of my weddings that – as a whole – were representative of the style of photography that I do. A luminous image with a natural color and great care. No color filters that – in my opinion – dirty the image. For what? If here we have a radiant sun that gives a light and color that already in itself is precious!

Well, that said I do not think I need to roll up any more. As always a picture is worth a thousand words and this is a small selection of images that define my style as a wedding photographer. If you want to see some more that I did, you can check this link.

wedding photographer BARCELONA

Photo paper journal

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Almost two years ago I came up with the idea of ​​putting words to each of the images I did in Galicia during the summer of 2014. Although the first idea was to create a little journal of memory to use, since I started to model it took another Road and ended up becoming something that could be defined as an emotional diary.

It has chronological structure. It sums up, and sometimes intuits, what we did every day. But each page, with its image and accompanying text, is basically a feeling. Sometimes very personal, sometimes completely universal.

And what began as a game, quickly became a necessity to take it to paper, to the original form in which photography was always conceived and not “lost” on my computer or on my website. It has taken many months for this idea to become a reality. It is not easy to find personalized albums, quality, beautiful and that fit what one is looking for, or find the time and the desire in this fiercely fast world we live today.

But here it is. The first of many (I hope).

album clasico de fotosalbum clasico de fotos

album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage album fotográfico vintage

Maternity photo session

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I am very happy with the new photographic session of pregnant woman that I was fortunate to perform last weekend. As a photographer he is super grateful that with just four quick prompts, a person who is not in the habit of posing in front of the camera is so natural, confident and happy. Now I have to make a selection of analog and digital, whose main differences are light and color. It will be a complicated selection because I will have to leave enough that I like outside the selection. Although good, it is a lesser evil, because at least to her I have delivered all the images.

Fotografía de embarazada
Contax 645. Fuji Pro 400h

The rest of the session, clicking here.